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How do I make Kava at home?

Making Kava for the first time? Not sure how to do it? Let Pure Kava help you out….

Things you need:

· strainer bag or t-shirt

· large mixing bowl

· Pure Kava powder

· water, or coconut water

Summary: Kavalactones are oily and are not water soluble, so it takes vigorous squeezing and kneading to remove them from the powdered kava root. There are two main ways to make kava: the traditional way, or the easy way. The traditional method takes a little longer but, in my option, makes for the best experience in feeling what kava can do for you

Traditional method:

1: Use about 2-3 table spoons of Pure Kava Powder (more if you like stronger kava or want to drink less liquid)

2: Use 32 oz of water or coconut water. You can use room temp liquid or warm water. I personally use warmer water as I feel it helps to penetrate the powder faster and I feel like my kava is much stronger however Everybody does it differently (You can chill your warm kava in the frig for a better taste).

3: Use a mixing bowl and place your strainer bag into the bowl. Place your Pure Kava powder into your strainer bag and then pour water over the powdered roots. Tie the strainer bag closed.

4: These next steps require you getting your hands wet. You can use gloves or not, it’s up to you. Squeeze and knead the strainer bag keeping the opening of the Strainer bag out of the water. Let the liquid fill the bag and then squeeze and massage the powder under the liquid,” you use a motion like rubbing clothes on a washboard”. Do this over and over for about 5 min. Your liquid should be the color of chocolate milk of coffee with creamer when you’re done. Your Pure Kava Powder will look like clay or mud. Just throw it out into the trash or your garden.

5: Drink 2 cups 4-6 oz of your fresh kava on an empty stomach. Now remember this is not a smoothy or a fruity drink that taste great. Nope, Drink it down like a shot of wheat grass. It may not taste great but it gets the job done. You may also feel a slight numb feeling at the back of your throat. This is normal and is a result of the pain reliving chemicals inside of kava, this inly last for a few minutes. Feel free to use a chaser like juice or soda to wash it down after. Wait 20 min see how you feel if you desire a stronger effect drink another 4-6 oz cup and repeat until you find your desired level of relaxation. FYI you can not over dose from Kava. Kava is self-leveling like alcohol (it takes load of kava to get to the self-leveling point) without the hang over.

6: Be sure to mix or stir your kava each time before you drink it. Why? Well because the Kava molecules separate from the liquid leaving you with all the kava sitting on the bottom of the bowl or cup and the liquid at the top. You want to be sure you’re getting an even consistency so you’re not drinking weak kava at the top of your cup and the very last drink with all the good kava chemicals and super strong. Mix it up pour it in your cup and drink it. If you let it sit it will separate again. Kava can last up to two days in the refrigerator.

. Easy on the go method for traditional kava powder:

1: Use a Blender and pour 16-32 oz of preferred liquid into the blender. Use room temp or warm/hot as mentioned in traditional method

2: Add 2-3 tablespoons of Pure Kava Powder (more if you like stronger kava)

3: blend on high for 2-3 min

4: using a large bowl or cup, pour the kava mixture into the strainer bag letting the liquid run out in the bowl or cup while the strainer catches all the kava powder. Squeeze out all the liquid from the bag and discard the left-over Pure Kava powder.

Remember to still stir your kava drink before each drink because the kava will separate from the liquid.

Instant Kava method:

What you will need:

· Pure Kava instant kava powder

· 16 oz water bottle or 16 oz of coconut water

1: Use 2 tablespoons of instant kava powder and pour it into a water bottle or cup. I like using warmer water because I feel like it makes my kava stronger and helps to release the good stuff from the powder faster. You can always chill it in the frig before you drink it or add ice.

2: Shake vigorously for about 30 sec and you’re ready to drink your kava.

Same concepts as all the above. Always shake or stir before each drink to make sure you have a even consistency and strength of your kava. Also, the same drinking or dose as above 2 cups (4-6 oz) on a empty stomach wait 20 min and if you desire a stronger effect repeat drinking another 2 cups wait and see how you feel until you reach your desired effect.

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