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How Kava helps you cope with the everyday stress

In this day and age, stress has become a very normal and commonly felt emotion. And while this general rise in stress levels has been accepted, this does not mean it accompanies no consequence.

Chronic stress has been linked to a wide array of physical and mental health disorders making it an extremely detrimental lifestyle factor. That being said, the focus of this article will not be on the downsides of being stressed, but it will, however, be focused on a potential solution.

While there are most certainly numerous steps you can take to reduce and or eliminate the stress that you feel, there has been one particular solution that has gained some traction in recent years. Without further ado, allow me to discuss why kava might just be the answer to your prayers!

What is kava?

Like many natural/herbal solutions, kava is a shrub naturally found and produced by the earth. The shrub originates in the south pacific but can be purchased from many countries on the globe.

Once its benefits were recognized, the extremely popular substance quickly became a very sought out answer for those struggling mentally. This hype can all be attributed to kava's effects on stress.

More specifically, those who consume kava often report feelings of intense relaxation and or a complete reduction of their overall stress levels. That being said, what is it that allows this shrub to produce such profound effects? What is the secret ingredient that allows people to feel completely let go of their troubles? Let's find out!

Should you use kava for stress?

Before I discuss why kava might be the answer you seek, you will need to know exactly how this shrub works its magic. First things first, kava's ability to de-stress and or relax you can be attributed to the kavalactones.

Kavalactones are the active ingredients found in kava. They take up to 20% of the total dry weight of the shrub. They are thought to massively reduce your stress/anxiety levels through their effects on the neurotransmitters in the brain. More specifically, kavalactones may increase overall levels of serotonin.

Serotonin is a chemical produced and released to promote feelings of happiness and joy. Heightened levels of this chemical mean for an overall drastic improvement in your mood, but also a noticeable reduction in any stresses and or anxieties currently felt.

If you are currently experiencing high levels of stress and or anxiety, consumption of this shrub might just be your answer. This goes double for those of you who would rather take a more natural approach to your mental health issues, as opposed to starting on medications and other artificial solutions.

Why you shouldn't use kava for stress -

In recent years, concern surrounding the side effects kava may produce has had regular consumers worried, to say the least. While the health concerns may vary, the shrub's primary health concern surrounds that of the liver and its potential for harm.

These concerns are not without reason, and you could accurately state that kava might indeed be bad for your liver. These claims were based on numerous reports of liver toxicity which were found to be directly correlated with the consumption of kava.

That being said, this statement is not as straightforward as you might think... The toxicology reports combined with studies done suggest that kava only carries the potential for liver damage in cases of pre-existing liver conditions and or when kava is consumed in combination with medications that are already tough on the liver.

All in all, if you are worried about the potential liver damage that may accompany the consumption of this root, consider the variables listed above as they play a huge role as to how kava affects you.

The bottom line -

As stated earlier, kava gained traction when its effects on stress and anxieties became known. Kava is thought to interact with serotonin, the chemical responsible for feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. This very interaction occurs through direct consumption of kavalactones, the active ingredient found in kava.

A potential driver for not wanting to utilize this shrub may come down to the potentially detrimental effects on the liver. However, it is believed that as long as there are no pre-existing liver conditions, and this root is not coupled with medications, consumption should be safe now and then.

This being the case, should you be consuming kava for stress? As long as you do not frequently take strong medications, and you are free of any liver conditions, you should be perfectly safe to do so. So, if you are looking for a fun, and natural way to reduce and or eliminate your stress, kava might be the answer you've been looking for.

Mix Happiness!

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