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Trying Kava for the First Time? What to expect.

So your thinking of trying the South Pacific's gift to the world, Kava Kava. You have probably heard about all the benifits of Kava and how you’ll feel calmer and more mentally and physically relaxed, less stressed, less nervous, and sleep better. Now you want to put kava to the test.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to have a great first-time kava drinking experience:

  1. Know your Kava products and varieties

  2. Choose a variety that best fits you

  3. Always choose Noble kava

  4. Buy from a reputable seller

When selecting a kava varity that’s right for your , choose between heady, heavy and balanced kavas. Heady kavas are said to make you feel more energetic and euphoric and are ideal for drinking during the day. Heavy Kavas are more likely to relax your muscles and make you feel tired andsleepy. Heavy kavas are better suited for drinking in the evening. #Purekava #FijianKava #kavakava #KavaTonga #Stressfree #Bestkava

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