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Why are Kava’s priced differently?

I often get questioned why there are different prices for kava? What makes them different?

We price our kava based on the amount of kavalactones in the kava as well as the supply available. Kavalactones are the active chemicals in the kava root that give us that great feeling after drinking it. The higher the percentage,

the stronger the effects the kava has and the less kava you need to drink to achieve those desired effects.

Another factor that takes place in pricing is whether or not Kava is Noble kava or Tudi Kava. Tudi kava is more abundant and less susceptible to pest and natural fungus. Noble kava varieties require more tending to and are more susceptible to pest and changing soil conditions. There is more labor and care involved in maintaining these noble varieties and less yield which effects the end cost of good Noble kava.

Just a bit of buyer beware when it comes to Kava, know what you are putting in your body. Know your kavalactone amounts. Poor quality and cheap kava’s can really blunder your kava experience. Maybe you have tried kava but never felt any difference or maybe the next day you had headaches or fatigue. These are not the experience you have when drinking noble and strong kava.

Whether or not you buy from us, we hope that you can take this information and apply it to choosing your kava and ENJOY all the great things kava can do for you.
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