NEW instant Kava. Kratom and alcohol alternative! Kava is all-natural herb that is consumed and provides an all-natural mood enhancer. Kava can improve your mood, make you more social, help aid in stress and anxiety relief as well as help with pain, inflammation and sleep. Instant 8oz Fijian Kava. Just add to water shake and Drink! Yes, it’s that easy. This is a premium Fijian kava. Kavalactone amount is 6-9% and is lab tested in an FDA approved facility. This is a great product for anyone that is in a hurry to make kava or just doesn’t want to spend time kneading kava in water. This Fijian Kava is micronized and is Noble. Just add a teaspoon to your water bottle and enjoy the claming effect of kava. For a stronger affect add two

Instant Fijian Kava 8 oz