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Take it easy with our best kava choices for relaxing. This bundle valued at 129.99 is yours now for 105.99. The bundle come with…


  • One 1/2 pound of our very best and probably the strongest raw natural kava on the market from Kadavu Fiji, Island Dope 24%-27.98% Kavalactones and tested Noble kava
  • One 1/2 pound of our Traditional Fijian Kava from Vanu Levu with 13% kavalactones and also tested Noble kava.
  • A three pack of our Kava bath bombs which has 5ml of our very own Coconut infused Kava oil as well as 3.5 oz of our premium kava powder in each bath bomb. These are great way to relive inflammation and sooth sore muscles.
  • A three pack of our Instant premium kava. Each pouch has 2.5 oz of ready to mix and drink kava for the person on the go. Never have a reason to not have kava now with Instant kava. Just add one pouch to a liter of water and drink.


We recommend purchasing a pure kava strainer bag with your order.

Take it easy Bundle

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