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Pure Kava is a Polynesian owned and operated business founded in 2017. Our ancestors have been drinking kava for thousands of years for it medicinal properties. We use kava to celebrate special events in life and for ceremonials purposes. Kava has been used for social gatherings and relaxation. Living in the states we had experienced some of the difficulties in being able to find a reputable distributor's of kava. Not only was there a shortage of Kava suppliers but there was also a shortage of consistent quality suppliers. We set out to Fiji and Tonga to find Farmers and processing facilities that could provide quality Noble kava. We immersed ourselves in the entire process of growing kava to the final processing stages. Our goals were simple, grow and cultivate pure quality kava and do so by growing with native Polynesian farmers and business owners. We have been able to control our quality and maintain quantity.  


  We believe in sharing our South Pacific treasure with the rest of the world. 

Herbal Polynesian Tea

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