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Chill Out

with a cup of kava

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Island Dope Is our Strongest Fijian Kava. This is a very heavy sedating kava that promotes muscle relaxation, pain relief, inflammation relief and promotes a happier improved mood. Island Dope has a kava lactone amount between 20.9%-25.98% and is of Noble variety. This kava is very hard to come by and because of that, supply is limited. Island Dope comes in a ½ pound food-safe resealable pouch. Every supply of kava we import is lab-tested for its kavalactone amount as well as heavy metals and pesticides and chemo types.


Please note that we test our kava with a GMP FDA lab certified testing facility.  Due to the nature of Kava and how there are multi plants used and processed to make kava powder there maybe variances in the Kavalactone amounts which can be higher or lower than what is listed. This particular type of kava is the strongest kava  we produce and some say the strongest natural kava on the market. 

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