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2.6 pounds of our Best Kava Bundle

SKU Bundle4




This is a combination of all of our best Noble kava varieties at a great savings. Included in this bundle are 4 1/2pound resealable food safe pouches of…


  • ½ pound of our Tongan Kava with a kavalactone amount of 13% a great day time kava
  • ½ pound of our Traditional Fijian waka from Van Levu with a kavalactone amount between 11-13% nice medium kava
  • ½ pound of our Premium Fijian waka from Kadavu. This is a Heavy smooth kava and has a kavalactone amount between 10-15% kavalactone
  • ½ pound od our BEST and strongest kava, Island Dope. This is a very heavy sedating Kava with a kavalactone amount between 20.9%-24.98% This is a very limited supply of kava and is very hard to come by. Supply is limited.
  • 6 oz of Vanuatu kava


We recommend using the Pure Kava strainer bag with this bundle 


All our kava is lab tested for its kavalactone amounts as well as tested for pesticides and heavy metals. We value what we sell and strive to offer the best kava the islands can offer. All of our Kava is Noble kava.