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Vanuatu Kava 6 oz



NEW Vanuatu Kava. Kratom and alcohol alternative! Kava is all-natural herb that is consumed and provides an all-natural mood enhancer. Kava can improve your mood, make you more social, help aid in stress and anxiety relief as well as help with pain, inflammation and sleep. This is a great "heady" Kava meaning it gives a great head change. It’s a day time kava, which gives you energy as well as helps you focus and relieves stress and anxiety. Vanuatu Kava is known for its strong taste and great after affects. The kavalactone percentage on this kava is 6.4-8% Our Vanuatu Kava comes in a 6 oz food safe resealable pouch.

Kava needs to me made using a strainer bag. Pure kava also has strainer bags available.


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